Luka Hendrix
  • Class of 2016
  • Kent

Luka Hendrix of Kent, OH has completed a 2016 Kent State University certificate program!

2016 Dec 9

Luka Hendrix completed a certificate program in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the College of Arts and Sciences in Summer 2016.

With the world's growing need for individuals who speak English, the demand for people who can teach the English language has grown rapidly over the past few decades. The Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate immerses students within another culture while at the same time giving them the structure and support that allows them to succeed as a teacher of English.

Hendrix is one of over thirty students who have completed a certificate program during the Summer 2016 semester.

Kent State certificates deliver focused instruction and formalized guidance to students in areas that address contemporary, topical and/or workplace needs. These programs consist of no less than 15 credit hours and no more than 30. Kent State University offers 57 certificate programs, with programs for both graduate and undergraduate students.

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